Video Recordings

3rd Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Potsdam 2008


Ethical Reflection and Emotional Involvement in Computer Games (PCG2008)

Kirsten Pohl


Can Avatars Act? (PCG2008)

John Richard Sageng


Metacommunication and Metalepsis in Play and in Computer Games (PCG2008)

Britta Neitzel


Gameplay in the Zone of Becoming: Locating Action in the Computer Game (PCG2008)

Souvik Mukherjee


Différance at Play (PCG2008)

Yara Mitsuishi


Perception, Action and Gamespace (PCG2008)

Betty Li Meldgaard


The Rethoric of Persuasive Games (PCG2008)

Anders Sundnes Løvlie


Remarks on Digital Play Spaces (PCG2008)

Mattias Ljungström


There is No Magic Circle (PCG2008)

Michael Liebe


Landscape and Avatar (PCG2008)

Bjarke Liberiussen


A Sketch for a Model of Four Epistemological Positions Toward Computer Game Play (PCG2008)

Olli Leino


Who Made the Magic Circle? Seeking the Solvable Part of the Game-Player Problem (PCG2008)

Jesper Juul


Being in the Game (PCG2008)

Charlene I. Jennett


The Concept of War in the World of Warcraft (PCG2008)

Christian Hoffstadt


Interaction and Space in Computer Games (PCG2008)

Stephan Günzel


The Perception of Videogames: From Visual Power to Trancendental Interaction (PCG2008)

Robert Glashüttner


Pulling the Strings: A Theory of Puppetry for the Gaming Experience (PCG2008)

Eduardo H. Calvillo G


The Binary Myth (PCG2008)

Gordon Calleja


The Phenomenology of Video Games (PCG2008)

Ian Bogost


4th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Oslo 2009


Keynote lecture:

Ancient Antecedents of Computer Game Fictions: Sports, Board Games, and Children’s Make-Believe (PCG2009)

Kendall Walton


Keynote lecture:

The Disjunctive Definition of Video Games Revisited (PCG2009)

Grant Tavinor


Invited lecture:

The Word Game: The Ontology of an Undefinable Object (PCG2009)

Espen Aarseth and Gordon Calleja


Keynote lecture:

No More Homo Ludens: Designing for an Ethical Player (PCG2009)

Miguel Sicart


A Dromology of the Videogame (PCG2009)

Alex Wade


Just Like Driving – Computer Games as Actual Practice and Objects of Presentation (PCG2009)

Rikke Toft Norgaard


Computer Games, Fictional Worlds and Transmedia Storytelling: A Narratological Perspective (PCG2009)

Jan-Noel Thon


The Moral Status of Virtual Artefacts in Computer Games (PCG2009)

Edward Spence


Virtual Entities, Enviroments, Worlds and Reality (PCG2009)

Johnny Hartz Søraker


Understanding games as played: sketch for a first-person perspective for computer game analysis (PCG2009)

Olli Leino


A Network of Intentionalities: Transitional-Synthesis and Narrative in First-Person-Shooters (PCG2009)

Jeff Rush


Simulation: Games, Art and Science (PCG2009)

Sebastian Ostritsch


 Work Worlds, Game Worlds and Performance Worlds in Videogames (PCG2009)

Aaron Meskin  and Jon Robson


The Age of Chosen Worldviews (PCG2009)

Bjarke Liboriussen


Model and Image. Computer Game Mimesis as Make-Believe (PCG2009)

Rune Klever


The Reality of Games (PCG2009)

Rasmus Leth Jørnø


Fallout 3 and Philosophy Amidst the Ashes (PCG2009)

Sarah Grey


Dual Wielding Morality: World of Warcraft and the Ethics of “Ganking” (PCG2009)

Stacey Goguen


Morality in Computer Games – A Phenomenological Approach (PCG2009)

Gert Gooskens


The Ontology of Interactivity (PCG2009)

Jonathan Frome


Nietzsche Contra Callois: Beyond Play and Games (PCG2009)

Dan Dixon


Fiction as Play: Reassessing the Relation of of Play, Games and Fiction (PCG2009)

Sebastian Deterding


Conceptual Blending in Computer Games: Integrating Fiction and Meaning  (PCG2009)

Marco Caracciolo


Is Thatgamecompany Bringing Computer Games Closer to Art with Their New Game “Flower”? (PCG2009)

Lill Eilertsen


6th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Bergen 2012

Keynote lecture:

Game Bodies (PCG2012)

Don Ihde


Keynote lecture:

In-Game: From Immersion to Incorporation (PCG2012)

Gordon Calleja


Dumb People, Smart Objects: The Sims and the Distributed Self (PCG2012)

Jeremy Tirrell


I play, therefore I am (PCG2012)

Adam Rafinski


Cybersport 2.0: Legitimization and Ethical Dimensions of Videogames (PCG2012)

Sean Naubert


A Phenomenological Account of the Playing Body in Avatar Based Action Games (PCG2012)

Paul Martin


Ethical Advocates in Dragon Age: Origins (PCG2012)

Carolyn Jong


Believe and Be Live: Entangled Experience in Halo (PCG2012)

Tom Hehir


Generic Experiences (PCG2012)

Andreas Gregersen


‘In The Game’? Embodied Subjectivity in Gaming Environments (PCG2012)

Robert Farrow & Ioanna Iacovides


Virtual Worlds and Moral Evaluation (PCG2012)

Jeffrey Dunn


Virtual Pets and the End of the World: Studying an MMOG’s Closure (PCG2012)

Mia Consalvo


Zero‐player games ‐ Exploring the distinction between Games as Artifacts and Games as Activities (PCG2012)

Staffan Björk & Jesper Juul


Paidea in Ludus: The Aesthetic and Technical Experience in Computer Game Play (PCG2012)

Dominic Arsenault


Vishnu and the Videogame: The Videogame Avatar and Hindu Philosophy (PCG2012)

Souvik Mukherjee


Adventure as Art: The Aesthetic Value of Puzzles (PCG2012)

Matti Karhulahti


Through the Image – Framing Videogame Play (PCG2012)

Gert Bruinsma


Representation by Regulated Interaction (PCG2015)

Alex Baker-Graham



7th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Bergen 2013

Keynote lecture

Antinomies of Space: Philosophy – Culture – Games (PCG2013)

Stephan Günzel


Keynote Lecture

Fictionality is Broken- Ludo-Realism and the Non-Fictionality of Game Worlds (PCG2013)

Espen Aarseth


Keynote Lecture

Gotta feel the beat! Space, Time and Rythms of Play (PCG2013)

Allison Gazzard


Defining the Videogame (PCG2013)

Veli Matti Karhulahti


The Playing Fields of Empire: Empire and Space in Videogames (PCG2013)

Souvik Mukherjee


Representation and Virtuality in Computer Games (PCG2013)

Rune Klevjer


Operational 3-D Images as Interactive Knowledge Space (PCG2013)

Daniel Riha and Jaroslav Vancat


Landscape and Gamescape in ‘Dwarf Fortress’  (PCG2013)

Paul Martin


Esthetic Experiences of Digital Gamespace (PCG2013)

Patrick Coppock


From Game Spaces to Playable Worlds (PCG2013)

Olli Leino


Second Space: Mimetic Space in Second Life (PCG2013)

Michael Bourke


GWI: The Gameworld Interface (PCG2013)

Kristine Jorgensen


Understanding Player Interpretation: An Embodied Approach (PCG2013)

Jonne Arjoranta


Reality and Structure of Virtual Space: Some Lessons from Portal (PCG2013)

Jonathan Erhardt


Boards. The Place of Space (PCG2013)

Ivan Mosca


Being and Time (Final Fantasy Edition) (PCG 2013)

Gugliemo Feis & Jacopo Tagliabue


Postphenomenological Play (PCG2013)

Emil Hammar


The Wanderer in the Wilderness (PCG2013)

Daniel Vella


Developing Fictionally Immoral Attitudes (PCG2013)

Daniel Milne


Games as Landscape (PCG2013)

Christopher Nguyen


Evil in Virtual Worlds (PCG2013)

Carl David Mildenberger


Computer Game Space as Directional Space (PCG2013)

Anita Leirfall


Special Effectivities: On the Intersection of Spatial Knowledge and Bodily Skill (PCG2013)

Ian Jones


9th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Berlin 2015


Keynote lecture:

Vx vs Rx (PCG2015)

Johnny Søraker


Keynote lecture:

Making Games, Making Sense (PCG2015)

Paolo Pedercini


World Withdrawal (PCG2015)

Mathias Fuchs


The Character of the Ludic Muse (PCG2015)

Daniel Vella


Isaac Unbound: Play as Ontology (PCG2015)

Adam Sulzdorf Liszkiewicz


Academic Game interpretation, a Defense (PCG2015)

Paul Martin


Ghosts of Present Past (PCG2015)

Justyna Janik


Three Types of Representation in Digital Games (PCG2015)

Pawel Grabarczyk


Spirit of Seriousness and Bad Faith, or, the Meaning of In-game Life (PCG2015)

Marta M. Kania


How to Approach Health Packs in the Wild: Meta-Ontological Reflections (PCG2015)

Ea Christina Willumsen and Hans-Joachim Backe


The Radical Productivity of Play (PCG2015)

Adam Nash and Thomas Kenney


Ruin Representations (PCG2015)

Emma Fraser


Seductive Play in Digital Games (PCG2015)

Ida Kathrine Hammeleff Jørgensen


What is a Simulation of a Game (PCG2015)

David Myers


Black Skin White Guns (PCG2015)

Sabine Harrer and Martin Pichlmair


A Philosophical Approach to the Refugee Prospect Theory in Urban Open World Games by Merging Deleuze/Guttari and de Certeau (PCG2015)

Marc Bonner


Computer Games as a Philosophical Medium (PCG2015)

Jere Surber


Of Certainty and Authenticity (PCG2015)

Tomasz Majkowski


Who Should I Call if No One Shows Up to Pick Up the Dead (PCG2015)

Olli Leino

Between Autopoiesis and Neoliberal Self Fashioning: The Dialectics of Self-Construction in Single-Player Role-Player Games (PCG2015)

Feng Zhu


Self Transformation Through Game Design (PCG2015)

Stefano Gualeni



Panel “Doing Philosophy with Game Design”


Cunt Touch This (PCG2015)

Ida Toft


A Boat for Two (PCG2015)

Sonia Fizek


Necessary Evil (PCG2015)

Stefano Gualeni


The Concept of Travel (PCG2015)

Pietro Righi Riva


Modelling Society (PCG2015)

Martin Pichlmair


Panel discussion.



10th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Malta 2016


Welcome & Opening Address (PCG2016)

Gordon Calleja, Stefano Gualeni, and Daniel Vella


Keynote lecture:

Games as the True Organon of Philosophy – On Schelling, Huizinga and Playful Ontologies (PCG2016)

Jos de Mul


Keynote lecture:

The Unreliable Philosophics of The Chinese Room (PCG2016)

Dan Pinchbeck


Keynote lecture:

Aesthetic Experience as Game Changer (PCG2016)

Katja Kwastek


Play, Effect, Reflect A Phenomenological Study of Reflective Self (PCG2016)

Josef Florian Micallef


Puzzle About The Island Multi Perspective Studies on Knowledge in The Witness (PCG2016)

Marc Bonner


Ludology is Strange Temporal Experience in Gaming and Life is Strange (PCG2016)

Darshana Jayemanne


On Playful Ignorance – The Union of Opposites in Videogame Epistemology (PCG2016)

Adam Russel


What’s Zen About Zen Modes – Prajna Knowledge versus Mindfulness in Game Design (PCG2016)

Victor Navarro Remesal


Justice and Violence The Study of Gameplay in the Infinity Engine cRPGs (POCG2016)

Mateusz Felczak


Glitched Perception On the Transparency and Visibility of the Video Game (PCG2016)

Justyna Janik


STONE + LIFE = EGG Little Alchemy as a Limit idea for Thinking about Knowledge and Discovery (PCG2016)

Olli Leino


Responsibility in Silence: Player Avatar Relations in the Virtual Face-to-Face (PCG2016)

Kasper Guldberg


Yours Truly – Playing with a Personal Narrative Identity (PCG2016)

Johnathan Harrington


Analytical Gameplay and the Politics of Cognitive Mapping (PCG2016)

Feng Zhu


Of Human and Posthuman – Videogames and the Future of the Human (PCG2016)

Leonardo Marcato


Digital Games and Philosophies of Fiction Derrida, Knowledge and the Aesthetic Illusion (PCG2016)

Gordon Calleja and Ivan Callus


Mind and Body Expanded – The Aesthetic Paradigms of Video Games (PCG2016)

Stephan Günzel


A Theoretical Framework of Ludic Knowledge A Case Study in Disruption and Cognitive Engagement (PCG2016)

Peter Howell


Understanding Single Player Computer Games as Experimental Systems (PCG2016)

Sebastian Möring


Space Bites Back Agency and Archive in Gamespace (PCG2016)

Nathan Hulsey


Do Playful Systems Know That They Play? (PCG2016)

Michael Straeubig


Non Space in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PCG2016)

Francesca Borg Taylor-East