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The March 11th, 2012
Dossier: 6th International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games.

The February 5th, 2012
You can see some videos on the Program page and the Medialab-Prado webpage..

The January 29th, 2012

The January 18th, 2012

Final program.

The January 9th, 2012
Added papers to the program page.

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6th International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games:

The Nature of Player Experience

Program and papers (pdf).

Pictures and Slideshow.


Will be held on the January 29, 30 and 31, 2012 in Madrid.

The purpose of the conference is to address and investigate issues related to the philosophical aspects of computer game research. Aiming to bring together researchers from diverse fields, Computer Games Conference is open to practitioners, academics, students interested in philosophy, computer game- theory, semiotics, aesthetics, sociology, psychology and anthropology.

The present conference is the sixth of a series, starting from 2005. Founding members of this initiative which first took place in Denmark is Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas at the University of Oslo; the Center for Computer Game Research at the IT-University of Copenhagen; and the Philosophical Project Centre (FPS), Oslo.

Since then, an expanded network of members and partners completed with success the following conferences that took place in Italy, Germany, Norway and Greece.

The websites for the previous conferences have links to manuscripts and video recordings.

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