Tonguc Ibrahim Sezen




Institutional affiliation

Istanbul Bilgi University


Assistant Professor

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

With a background in communications and a previous research on interactive digital narratives I’m interested in how digital games can convey ideas, messages and stories using their unique features.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

Sezen, T.I., Koenitz, H., Haahr, M. and Ferri, G. “First Steps Towards a Unified Theory for Interactive Digital Narrative”, in Transactions on Edutainment X, Springer, 2013.
Sezen, T.I. “Poverty in Digital Games”, The IMAGES Project 2012 Conference, IMAGES (II) – Images of the Poor Proceedings, LIT Verlag, 2013.
Sezen, T.I., Koenitz, H., Haahr, M., Ferri, G. And Sezen D. “Towards Mapping the Evolving Space of Interactive Digital Narrative”, Interactive Storytelling – ICIDS 2013 Conference Proceedings, Springer, 2013.


narrative, design, cross-media content


Tonguc Ibrahim Sezen


interactive narratives, transmedia, game studies