Krista Bonello R. Giappone




Institutional affiliation

Centre for Critical Thought, University of Kent, Canterbury (UK); Dept of English, University of Malta (Malta)


Associate Lecturer

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

My PhD research focused on comedy and its countercultural potential. I have taught as an Assistant Lecturer in the School of Arts (University of Kent), and currently lecture at the University of Malta, where I draw together my interests in different media. I lecture in the English department, as well as being an occasional guest lecturer in the Institute of Digital Games (University of Malta). In particular, I focus on comedy in games. My background is in literature and law, and I am also interested in exploring the applicability and potential contribution of certain critical and literary approaches to game studies. I have published a paper on comedy in adventure games, drawing upon theories of comedy and parody, including Bergson and Bakhtin. I have also co-written a chapter in the volume Deadpool and Philosophy, in which the videogame is considered from a perspective indebted to Derrida’s writings on law and deconstruction, and am interested in further exploring the potential of these approaches. I was a member of the local organising team for the 2016 Philosophy of Computer Games conference, and participated in a discussion panel on Comedy and Games in the 2017 PoCG conference. .

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

‘Self-Reflexivity and Humour in Adventure Games’ (Game Studies 15.1, 31 July 2015)
‘How Much Deadpool is Too Much Deadpool?’, Deadpool and Philosophy (Open Court series), with Caleb Turner (December 2016)
Bibliographic Entries: Lev Manovich, Bruno Latour, in The Bloomsbury Handbook of Electronic Literature, ed. Joseph Tabbi (Bloomsbury, 2017)
Comedy and Critical Thought: Laughter as Resistance, ed. Iain MacKenzie, Fred Francis, and Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone (Rowman and Littlefield International, 2018), part of series Experiments/On the Political


comedy; parody; deconstruction; Derrida


Krista Bonello R. Giappone


law, English literature, drama, game studies, social sciences (Masters in higher education)