Justyna Janik




Institutional affiliation

Faculty of Management and Social Communication of the Jagiellonian University


Ph.D. student

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

My reaserch mostly concerns the subject of the relationship between a player and a video game, with a focus on posthumanistic and performative nature of this bond. Being fascinated by the works of Polish theatre director and artist, Tadeusz Kantor, I use his theory as a tool for better understanding of the nature of a gameplay phenomenon and the video game object itself.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

“The Cluster Worlds of Imagination: The Analysis of Collage Technique in Games by Amanita Design” Article in New Perspectives in Game Studies: Proceedings of the Central and Eastern European Game Studies Conference Brno 2014, Brno, Masaryk University, 2015.
“Ghosts of Present Past. The video game as an anthropomorphized communication act”. Presentation on the 9th International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games: Meaning and Computer Games, Berlin, 2015.
“A Game Within a Bio-Object(s): Redefining a Moment of the Gameplay”. Presentation in the DiGRA and FDG First Joint International Conference, Scotland, 2016.
“Glitched Perception: On the Transparency and Visibility of the Video Game Medium”. Presentation on the 10th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference. Knowledge, Malta, 2016.


posthumanism, aesthetics, play, postphenomenology


Justyna Janik


anthropology, cultural studies, media studies, game studies