Jon Robson



United Kingdom

Institutional affiliation

University of Nottingham



Research interests relevant to game philosophy

My research interests in the philosophy of videogames include the relationship between games and fiction, ethics and games, and the aesthetics of games.

Outside of videogames my main interest at present is in the epistemology of aesthetic judgements but I also have research interests in the philosophy of religion, metaphysics, and ethics.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

(Forthcoming) ‘Videogames as Self-Referential Interactive Fictions.’ Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (with Aaron Meskin).

(2012) ‘Fiction and Fictional Worlds in Videogames.’ In J. R. Sageng, T. M. Larsen & H. Fossheim (eds.) The Philosophy of Computer Games, Springer Press¸ pp.201-18 (with Aaron Meskin).

(2012) ‘Videogames and the First Person.’ In G. Currie, P. Kotako & M. Pokorny (eds.) Mimesis: Metaphysics, Cognition, Pragmatics, College Publications (with Aaron Meskin).

(2010) ‘Videogames and the Moving Image’ (with Aaron Meskin), Revue Internationale de Philosophie 64.4, pp.547-64.


ethics, fiction


Jon Robson


I gained my PhD in philosophy from the University of Leeds (UK). I currently teach in the philosophy department at the University of Nottingham (UK).