Ea Christina Willumsen




Institutional affiliation

University of Bergen, Norway


PhD Student

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

Since my PhD project is focused on the relationship between avatars and gameworlds, I have a specific interest in these topics, particularly related to the negotiation of control between avatar, character, and player. Moreover, due to the more structuralist and maybe formalist nature of my work, I’m very interested in how formalism is used and applied in the context of studying digital games and moreover what traditions have influenced the object-centric study of games.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

“How to approach health packs in the wild. Meta-ontological reflections”, co-authored with Hans-Joachim Backe. Presentation at the 9th International Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Berlin, 2015.

“Source code and formal analysis: A reading of passage”. Transactions of the Digital Games Research Association, 3(2), 2017.

“The Subject and the Form: Inquiries Into Formal Analysis”. Presentation at the 11th International Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Krakow, 2017.

“The Form of Game Formalism”. Media and Communication, 6(2), 137-144, 2018.

“Is My Avatar MY Avatar? Character Autonomy and Automated Avatar Actions in Digital Games”. Upcoming paper in The Proceedings of DiGRA 2018.


Ontology, formalism, agency, phenomenology, epistemology


Ea Christina Willumsen


Game studies, Communication Studies, Computer Science