Alexandre Declos




Institutional affiliation

Collège de France



Research interests relevant to game philosophy

I work primarily in metaphysics and aesthetics, with a strong interest in the philosophy of games. In my recent research, I have tried to develop a new account of the ontology of videogames. I also examined the various ways in which videogames could be seen as cognitively valuable. My current research is dedicated to issues surrounding virtual reality, and particularly Chalmers’ “virtual realism”. I am also translating Grant Tavinor’s “The Art of Videogames” (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009) into French.

Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy


« L’ontologie du virtuel ». Klesis, Revue Philosophique, vol. 52, 2022, p. 1-25. (

« Videogame Cognitivism » (2021). Journal for the Philosophy of Games, vol.3, n°1.(

« Fact, Fiction, and Virtual Worlds » (2020). In Pouivet, R. & Granata V. (Eds.), Épistémologie de l’esthétique, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, p.195-219.

Talks :

« Esthétique et ontologie des jeux vidéo » (with Alexis Anne-Braun). PhiLiA Seminar, Caen University. February 2021.

« Enjeux philosophiques de la réalité virtuelle ». Neuchâtel Research Seminar. November 2021.

« Qu’est-ce qu’un monde virtuel ? ». Workshop Philosophie des mondes virtuels et des jeux vidéo. Rouen University, June 2021.

“What’s a virtual entity ?”.Virtual Entities in Science : a Virtual Workshop. March 2021.

“Rules, code, ontology”. Workshop on the Philosophy of Games. October 2020.

« La réalité du virtuel ». Workshop : Objets, œuvres, et mondes virtuels : problèmes esthétiques. Nancy, January 2020.

“The Cognitive Value of Videogames”. Game Studies Triple Conference, IT University Copenhagen. August 2018.


videogames, ontology, epistemology, virtual reality


Alexandre Declos