John McIntyre





Independent researcher

Research interests relevant to game philosophy

The central focus of my research concerns the game designers’ presuppositions with regard to the history of philosophy in simulations and strategy games, largely from a Hegelian standpoint. Connected to this issue I also take an interest in the status of collective subjects in multiplayer games as well as their interaction with artificial intelligence in NPC’s. My theoretical approach to rationality stems from frameworks in inductive logic.

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Publications and presentations relevant to game philosophy

“History and the Implied Collective Subject in Civilization”. Article in Journal of Culture and Phenomenology, Vol 42, Issue 3, 2010.
“On Being ‘Us’ in the Game”. Presentation onThe Philosophy of Computer Games Conference, Potsdam, 2008.
“Historical Presuppositions and Statistical Methodology in Studies on Player Behavior”. Article in Journal of Empirical Phenomenology, Vol 28, Issue 2, 2011.
“History and Indvidual Norms in the Sims”. Article in the Journal of Culture Philosophy, Vol 11, Issue 1, 2012.


history, hegel, rationality, subjects


John McIntyre


anthropology, logic